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Sedgwick County Contracts

The Sedgwick County Contracts site is intended for the public to research recent and active financial contracts relating to human services, financial services and construction. Any additional information regarding older contracts or contracts that are not related to those specified in this page can be found by contacting the County Clerk’s office at 316-660-9222 or by visiting the County Clerk’s website.

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This site is constantly being updated and some contracts may not appear at this time. Check back later or contact the clerk’s office if you have a pressing question.

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Attachment4443-5Fourth amendment to a lease agreement between Sedgwick County and Jim Ramsey Company, Ltd.4/1/20103/31/2015$352,000.00 Jim Ramsey Company, Ltd
Attachment4586-8Professional service agreement between Sedgwick County and Conmed, Inc. to provide medical services for inmates at the County jail1/1/201012/31/2014Monthly fee of $370,531.39Conmed, Inc.
Attachment4884-9Agreement between Sedgwick County and United Methodist Open Door of Wichita, Inc. to provide funding to assist in developing a Resource and Referral Center for the homeless2/24/201012/31/2015Not to exceed $500,000.00United Methodist Open Door of Wichita, Inc.
Attachment4225-10Lease agreement between Sedgwick County and Amidon Partners, LLC for office space located at Marina Point II, 1919 N. Amidon, Wichita, KS12/15/20101/31/2016$176,285.04Amidon Partners, LLC
Attachment4347-9Amendment to a contract between Sedgwick County and Via Christi Hospital, Inc., for the compensation rate12/22/2010$4,594.00 per monthVia Christi Hospital, Inc.
Attachment4356-5Sixth Amendment to Lease Agreement between Sedgwick County and Bruce J. Kouba and Edward J. Hund for lease renewal 12/22/2010$58,784.80Bruce J. Kouba and Edward J. Hund
Attachment4203-10Agreement between the Kansas Department of Transportation and Sedgwick County, the City of Goddard, and the City of Maize to provide a revenue stream for the future right of way for the Northwest Wichita Bypass11/10/2010Fiscal Year 2015Not to exceed $1,350,000 per year for 5 yearsKansas Department of Transportation
Attachment4194-8Contract between Sedgwick County and Allen, Gibbs and Houlik, L.C. to provide an audit of the County's governmental activities and financial statements11/12/200312/31/2015Fees based on annual rates and types of servicesAllen, Gibbs and Houlik, L.C.
Attachment4231-10Agreement between the Board of County Commissioners of Sedgwick County and Tabor College to provide students with an educational experience at Sedgwick County Emergency Medical service1/5/2011Continuous until cancelled by either partyNo compensationTabor College Department of Nursing
Attachment4237-10Service Agreement between Sedgwick County and Cretcher-Heartland, Inc. to provide property and casualty insurance marketing, consulting, loss control and engineering services12/30/201010/15/2015$28,000.00 per year Cretcher-Heartland, Inc.
Attachment4254-10Service agreement between Sedgwick County and Mobile Radio Service, Inc. to provide requested emergency communications evaluation, repair and replacement services1/24/20111/24/2013Up to $135.00 per hour and other rates Mobile Radio Service, Inc.
Attachment4842-8Termination of naming rights agreement between Sedgwick County and The Superlative Group, Inc.2/1/2011$1,325,000.00The Superlative Group, Inc.
Attachment4168-9Letter of authorization for database administration professional services for the Manatron system requested by Sedgiwck County1/31/2011Based on professional services fees not to exceed $4,000.00Manatron
Attachment4284-7An addition of an appendix to the software license agreement between Sedgwick County and SAP Industries, Inc. 12/23/2010Based on software fees stipulated in the original contractSAP Industries, Inc.
Attachment4353-8Contract with AT&T for pricing schedule and confirmation of service order1/20/20111/1/2015Based on monthly rates up to $161.00AT&T
Attachment4369-9Addendum to the 2007 Hanger/Ramp lease between the Sedgwick County and Midwest Corporate Aviation, Inc. to increase the monthly rent12/28/2010$550.00 per monthMidwest Corporate Aviation, Inc.
Attachment4386-9Amendment to the due dates for facilities finance details in the 2007 Cessna Aircraft Company facilities fire protection contract 1/19/2011Until termination of bondsNot to exceed $800,000.00Fire District No. 1 of Sedgwick County
Attachment4663-8Addendum to the 2006 Lock Box handling services between Sedgwick County and Intrust Bank, N.A. 10/27/2010$0.02 per pageIntrust Bank, N.A.
Attachment4276-10Agreement with Wichita Area Technical College to sublease the Training Facilities and common areas of the property 4/6/201112/31/2030Wichita Area Technical College
Attachment4276-10Sublease Agreement with Wichita Area Technical College for construction improvements 4/16/201112/31/2030Wichita Area Technical College
4896-8Reconfiguration of loaned equipment 02/17/2011Nextel West, Corp
Attachment4590-8Agreement to provide tranpsortation and delivery of voting machines and other specified equipment/supplies required by County from their place of storage to the various polling precincts in Sedgwick County, KS. 03/16/201112/31/201516,000 (approximately) Get A Move On, Inc. 
Attachment4892-8Agreement for land open for public fishing access 03/02/201112/31/201590,187353Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Attachment4275-10Sublease of property at the National Center for Aviation Training 01/31/201112/31/2030400,000.00 twice a year Sedgwick County
Attachment4274-9Amendment to the Consultation Agreement of August 25, 2010 04/06/2011 39,625.00Wichita State University
Attachment4284-10 Agreement to provide orthogonal and oblique digital images and hardware and software.  02/07/201102/28/2015406,416.00Pictometry International, Corp
Attachment4421-9Agreement to provide on-call electrical services by Sedgwick County 03/03/201103/31/2015Hourly fee rate Shelley Electric, Inc
Attachment4292-9Management services for various Coliseum facilities and operations and marketing services including pre-opening consulting services for the Intrust Bank Arena  08/01/200712/31/2014SMG
Attachment4258-10Addendum to subtract the FCIP fee amount of $28,497.00 03/02/2011$1,337,730.00Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc
Attachment4068-9 Agreement to provide temporary animal boarding servcies to ensure animals have shelter, daily maintenance, food, water, and necessary emergency medical care. 05/04/201112/31/2014Based on per day rate and size of animal Wildlife Relocations
Attachment4115-9Administrative services for flexible spending account services for eligible County employees 05/12/201112/31/2014Based on per participant per month per Appendix C ASIFlex
Attachment4338-10Agreement with Reece Construction 05/18/2011$488,487.50Reece Construction Co., Inc.
Attachment4340-10Agreement with Lafarge North America for mastic crack seal, surface treatment, and pavenment marking. 05/25/2011$329,413.66Lafarge North America
Attachment4027-9Agreement with Advance Insurance Company of Kansas, Inc. to provide life insurance benefits and servcies to the employees and families of Sedgwick County. 06/27/201112/31/2014See attached Appendix C Advance Insurance Company of Kansas Inc.
Attachment4342-6Agreement with Boys & Girls Club to provide support of programs targeting youth and families to prevent entrance into or further invovement in the correctional systems. 06/15/201106/30/2013Not to exceed $120,000.00Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas, Inc.
Attachment4374-8Agreement with Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas to support programs targeting youth and families to prevent entrance into or further involvement in the correctional system.  06/15/201112/31/2012Not to exceed $54,300.00 Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas
Attachment4979-8Agreement with AirTran Airways to operate daily round-trip jet service. 07/13/201106/30/2013AirTran Airways, Inc.
Attachment4364-10Agreement wtih Cassidian Communications, Inc. to implement a P25 800 MHZ digital trunked radio system. 07/25/201107/25/2026$23,261,088.13Cassidian Communications, Inc.
Attachment4362-10 Agreement with Interstate Elevator Inc. to provide elevator maintenance and repair services. 07/20/201106/20/2016Not to exceed $63,000.00 annuallyInterstate Elevator Inc.
Attachment4382-10Agreement with Trott Communications to provide independent consulting and engineering support/implementation services for the Cassidian P-25 800 MHZ digital simulcast trunked radio network. 08/25/2011$137,925.00Trott Communications Group, Inc
Attachment4386-10Agreement with EMPAC to provide employee assistance services to employees and immediate family members. 08/23/201112/31/2014Not to exceed $26,900.00 Employee Assistance Consultants, Inc
Attachment4383-10Agreement with Superior Vision Services, Inc to provide a vision care plan/benefit and services program to employees and families of Sedgwick County, Kansas. 01/01/201212/31/2016Per Appendix B Superior Vision Services, Inc.
Attachment4392-10Agreement with Foreign Language Interpreter Services to provide in-person foreign language interpreting services as needed by Sedgwick County. 09/01/201109/01/2014Per Appendix B Foreign Language Interpreter Services
Attachment4393-10Agreement with Propio Language Services, LLC to provide telephonic foreign language interpreting services. 08/31/201108/31/2014Per Appendix B Propio Language Services, LLC
Attachment4470-9Agreement with Talx Corporation to provide unemployment management services as needed by Sedgwick County. 01/201201212/31/2016$19452.00Talx Corporation
Attachment4442-10Real Estate purchase of the Kansas Coliseum 01/04/2012$1500000.00Kansas Coliseum, LLC
Attachment4777-7Combined agreement for a flood control operation 11/28/201112/31/2012$976,777.00City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, and Wichita-Sedgwick County Flood Control
Attachment4776-7 1Agreement on joint funding and management fo the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Planning Department 01/01/201312/31/2013$1,480,682.00 (Each pays $740,341.00) Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Planning Department
Attachment4600-8Agreement to offer supportive servcies to nonprofit organizations designed to improve nonprofits' fiscal and management practices. 11/30/201112/31/2012Not to exceed $30,000.00Nonprofit Chamber of Service of Sedgwick County
Attachment4202-9Agreement to provide Christmas Treecycling  12/21/201101/23/2016City of Wichita
Attachment4201-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Valley Center
Attachment4200-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Park City
Attachment4199-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Mulvane
Attachment4198-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Mount Hope
Attachment4197-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Maize
Attachment4196-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Kechi
Attachment4195-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Garden Plain
Attachment4450-10Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016Sedgwick County Extension Center
Attachment4449-10Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016USD 259
Attachment4448-10Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Derby
Attachment4194-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Colwich
Attachment4447-10Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016College Hill United Methodist Church
Attachment4193-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Clearwater
Attachment4192-9Agreement for Christmas Treecycle 12/21/201101/23/2016City of Cheney
Attachment4226-10Agreement with Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, Inc. to provide a program of wheelchair and seating systems to individuals with severe disabilities. 01/01/201312/31/2013$116,272.00Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, Inc.
Attachment4640-5Agreement with Catholic Charities, Inc. to provide a prgram of adult days services for disabled persons served and their caregivers. 01/01/201312/31/2013$36,750.00Catholic Charities, Inc.
Attachment4880-9Agreement to provide services for victims of child abuse. 01/04/201212/31/2012$120,000.00the cild Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County, Kansas, Inc.
Attachment4465-10Agreement with S K Janitorial Services for custodial services for four Auto License buildings. 01/09/201212/31/2013$1,316.58 per month S K Janitorial Services
Attachment4403-5Agreement with Mediation Center of Wichita to provide mediation services for approximately 300 cases in the District Court 01/01/201312/31/2013Not to exceed $4,000.00  Mediation Center of Wichita
Attachment4231-6Agreement with Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. to provide a program of disability services and home modifications to eligible participants to improve or maintain their independence. 01/01/201312/31/2013$34,386.00 Independent Living Resource Center, Inc.
Attachment4639-5Agreement with Senior Services, Inc. to provide participants a nutritious meal. 01/01/201312/31/2013$64,650.00Senior Services, Inc.
Attachment4671-7Agreement with Wisdom Travels, LLC to provide safe, affordable specialized transportation services to eligible persons to maintain ability to reside in the community as long as possible. 01/04/201212/31/2012Per the attached mileage rate sheet Wisdom Travels, LLC
Attachment4041-8Agreement with Thunder Enterprises, Inc. to provide save, affordable specialized transportation services to eligible persons to maintain the ability to reside in the community as long as possible. 01/04/201212/31/2012Per the attached mileage rate sheet Thunder Enterprises, Inc.
Attachment4305-8Agreement with The Austin Peters Group to provide training course for Ethics and Crediability.  12/25/201112/31/2013$1,080.00 per class The Austin Peters Group
Attachment4252-8Agreement with Audrey Curtis Hane, Ph.D for Interpersonal Relations on the job training courses. 12/21/201112/31/2013$1,250.00 per class Audrey Curtis Hane, Ph.D
Attachment4463-10Agreement with IMA of Kansas, Inc. as an Employee Benefits Consultant 01/01/201212/31/2014Not to exceed $75,000.00 per calendar year IMA of Kansas, Inc.
Attachment4461-10Agreement with Mies Construction for Road Improvements between 103rd & 111th St. South (R264-5) 12/13/2011$144,308.99Mies Construction, Inc.
Attachment4397-10Agreement with K & B Cleaning, LLC to provide custodial services for Public Works. 09/06/201107/31/2014$75.00 per day K & B Cleaning, LLC
Attachment4846-7Agreement with 21st Century Cleaning Service for custodial services for two Health Department buildings. 11/01/201010/31/2014$885.00 per month 21st Century Cleaning Service
Attachment4487-10Agreement with Wichita Canteen Company, Inc. to provide County with food/nutrition services. 02/10/201202/16/2015Per attached Appendix C Wichita Canteen Company, Inc.
Attachment4329-4Agreement with Allen Gibbs and Houlik, L.C. to provide annual audit of the financial statements. 12/01/201112/31/2015Per the attached compensation on page 8Allen Gibbs and Houlik, L.C.
Attachment4504-10Agreement with Walden University, LLC for Sedgwick County to make its facilities available to the University for experiential learning for students03/28/201212/31/2014No compensation Walden University, LLC
Attachment4521-10Agreement with Schaefer Johson Cox Frey Architecture to provide on-call A/E services 04/04/201203/31/2015See attached Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture
Attachment4522-10Agreement with Hanney & Assoicates Architects to provide on-call A/E services 04/04/201203/31/2015See attached Hanney & Associates Architects
Attachment4525-10Agreement with Postal Presort, Inc. to provide on-call mailing services04/12/201203/31/2015See Appendix C Postal Presort, Inc.
Attachment4528-10Agreement with Dr. Timothy Gorrill, M.D., PhD to the position of Deptuy Medical Examiner/Deputy District Coroner 05/09/201208/01/2016$145,000.00 (2012) Increases each year Dr. Timothy Gorrill
Attachment4542-10Agreement with Worksafe Physical Therapy, Inc to provide ergonomic assessments and training to County employees 06/12/201203/27/2015$2,250.00 per month (20 hrs) $112.50 per hr Worksafe Physical Therapy, Inc
Attachment4540-10Agreement with Garda CL Southwest Inc to provide armored car services 04/19/201204/01/2015$1475.00 per month Garda CL Southwest Inc
Attachment4532-10Agreement with Absolute Protection, Inc to provide fire alarm testing services. 05/08/201201/24/2014$25,489.00 annually Absolute Protection, Inc
Attachment4537-10Agreement with HPS Process Service and Investigations to provide special process server services as needed by County. 07/01/201206/30/2015$44.00 per case 1st yr $45.00 per case 2nd yr $46.00 per case 3rd yr HPS Process Service and Investigations
Attachment4554-10Agreement with American Tower L.P. to provide monthly tower lease06/25/201206/25/2022$4800.00 per month American Tower L.P.
Attachment4495-10Agreement with High Touch Inc for the solution and implemenation of IT Project Management and Software Developmentment 02/09/201202/15/2015$80.00-$110 per hour plus travel expenses High Touch Inc
Attachment4541-10 Agreement with Kronos, Inc to provide a time and labor management system 03/14/201206/30/2017$590251.00Kronos Inc
Attachment4553-10Agreement with American Towers LLC to provide a tower lease06/27/201206/30/2022$4800.00 per month American Towers LLC
Attachment4599-10Agreement with the University of Kasnas School of Medicine to provide medical services and infectious disease control 07/01/201205/31/2014$90,000.00 (not to exceed)University of Kasnas School of Medicine
Attachment4616-10Agreement with National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare to provide consulting, training and technical assistance for behavioral healthcare08/07/2012Continues until cancelled by either party Per the fee schedule  National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
Attachment4630-10Agreement with Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture to provide on-call architectural and engineering professional services 09/28/201208/30/2015Per Appendix D
Attachment4033-7Agreement with Dr. Jaime Oeberst, M.D. to provide post mortem examinations, autopsies, toxicology reports, microscopic analyses, and completing reports and required paperwork 12/19/201201/08/2017$183,913.00 annually Dr. Jaime Oeberst, M.D.
Attachment4651-9Agreement with United Methodist Open Door, provide food programs available to elders who are homebound or without transportation  12/19/201212/31/2013$7,200.00United Methodist Open Door, Inc.
Attachment4696-4Agreement with Catholic Charities, Inc to provide meaningful volunteer activities to older adults for the foster grandparent program12/19/201212/31/2013$23,326.00Catholic Charities, Inc
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