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Name of Grant

Participating Mental Health Center Agreement  

Grant Agency

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (State) 

Award Period

7/1/17 - 6/30/18 

Award Amount


Match Amount


Continuation of Grant




Purpose of Grant

State Mental Health Reform funds are used to provide all medically necessary services to all persons with mental illness, especially persons in the targeted populations, who present themselves for service regardless of their ability to pay.  Priorities for service in the State Fiscal Year include: emergency treatment and first response services, liaison services and intensive strengths based case management services admitted to state mental health hospitals and alternative facilities to facilitate discharge and maintain community tenure and recovery, supported employment and housing services, annual screens for continued stay for NF/MH consumers, partiicpate in mental health disaster planning, participate in trainin gand activities that are designed to improve consumer eleigibility for federal disability benefits and Medicaid eligibility.  MHBG funds will be used to provide; crisis mobile, CSS Case management and Children's case management.  Governor's Mental Health Intitative funds will be used to provide intensive outreach and engagement services to persons in the priority target population with several areas of emphasis and complete a needs assessment and develop a personal recovery plan. 



# of Grants

Award Totals


Funding Type

State Only 

LocNum from property

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