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Sedgwick County, Kansas

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Name of Grant

Aging & Disability Resouces Center (ADRC) 

Grant Agency

Southwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging/Kansas Deot. for Aging & Disability Services (KDADS) 

Award Period

10/1/2017 - 9/30/2018 

Award Amount


Match Amount


Continuation of Grant




Purpose of Grant

Operate a call center to assist individuals with questions regarding access to services and supports.  Provide information about various services and make referrals to qualified community providers.  Provide counseling sessions to review options available in the community.  Provide assessments to determine level of functioning and offer best choices for in home or out-of-home placements for the optimum living arrangements in the community.



# of Grants

Award Totals


Funding Type

State Only 

LocNum from property

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